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  1. Raquel

    New member looking for sign buddies

    @Gaby Sorry, I had to find my charger for my laptop. You can add me on Skpye: Raquel Revelo. We can skype now And @HeyItsMo I'd love to help you get back into signing. Maybe the three of us can Skype together. The more the merrier. Right?
  2. Raquel

    New member looking for sign buddies

    @Gaby Yeah works perfectly! My name is Raquel Revelo
  3. Raquel

    New member looking for sign buddies

    @Gaby I don't mind at all! I'll be on for sure tomorrow! I don't have work or school so please! Let me know when you can
  4. Raquel

    I am in search of a few new friends to practice ASL with!

    Hi!! I'm Raquel! I would love to help you practice
  5. Raquel

    New to the Site, Kinda New to ASL

    Hey!! I am so so sorry! I was busy registering for College. I'll be a freshman in the Fall Semester. Maybe we can set up a time for tomorrow?
  6. I would love to start speaking with someone. I'm about to graduate High School soon and I've taken one class of ASL. Which I've completely fell in love with. I was hoping to practice ASL outside of the classroom though. Just you know reply and we can start ?
  7. Raquel

    New member looking for sign buddies

    I would love to join in if you guys don't mind. I'll be graduating High School soon and I really want to continue Sign Language. I've taken only ASL 1 but when I was younger I had looked up videos and practiced that way.