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  1. @Gaby Sorry, I had to find my charger for my laptop. You can add me on Skpye: Raquel Revelo. We can skype now And @HeyItsMo I'd love to help you get back into signing. Maybe the three of us can Skype together. The more the merrier. Right?
  2. @Gaby Yeah works perfectly! My name is Raquel Revelo
  3. @Gaby I don't mind at all! I'll be on for sure tomorrow! I don't have work or school so please! Let me know when you can
  4. Hey!! I am so so sorry! I was busy registering for College. I'll be a freshman in the Fall Semester. Maybe we can set up a time for tomorrow?
  5. I would love to start speaking with someone. I'm about to graduate High School soon and I've taken one class of ASL. Which I've completely fell in love with. I was hoping to practice ASL outside of the classroom though. Just you know reply and we can start ?
  6. I would love to join in if you guys don't mind. I'll be graduating High School soon and I really want to continue Sign Language. I've taken only ASL 1 but when I was younger I had looked up videos and practiced that way.
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