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    A.S.L in graphic novels.

    I kind of agree with Lysandor. The grammar of the sentence about the guitar is different in ASL, but what would be the purpose of writing it as he signs it. He means he is plays the guitar, so write the sentence as "I play the guitar". It does show your ignorance to think that by writing it in ASL gloss show the language. It doesn't. I have a feeling Lysandor is Deaf or is very involved in the deaf community because he gave the perfect answer. Deaf people don't even consider themselves disabled so again, your ignorance shows. If you do still write a book after you find someone who won't be fully honest with you, I think it will flop. It certainly wont attract the Deaf community and those who know and love them. If you want to write in ASL, (which is ridiculous, because it isn't a written language), go to school and learn it like the rest of us did, and you will have a completely different perspective. Best of luck to you. and if you are still bent on using two "disabled" characters, pick a real disability. Deafness is not a disability.
  2. Julie Kiecker


    Very good ASL site for people who have had some ASL experience. I use it a lot because I decided I don't want to interpret, but I still want to be fluent in ASL and work with that population. So I go on this site at least once a day and go mostly on advanced activities, but they have beginner to advanced plus. I can learn a lot on here, but I still need actually signing with people. That's why I checked out this site. I hope there are some dedicated signers on this site!