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  1. That is quite noble of you, Irving. I do wish you luck, and may write to you as suggested.
  2. That would be lovely, thank you. I would also love to chat with you some time in the near future as well. You may message me whenever you like, though please do not be upset if I don't answer now or right away, since I am experiencing fluctuations in the hours at my job. Please though, do message me whenever the feeling occurs, it is not unwarranted in the least and is quite welcome. I only hope the same goes for me.
  3. Hello, my name is Reggie, and I've recently decided to learn sign language. After some unfortunate events in recent years, talking has become quite the burden on my psyche, and I do almost anything I can to avoid it. My therapist suggests that I have simply become selectively mute, which, when taken into consideration of everything that has happened and my past mental history, it rather makes sense. So, here I am, ready to learn a whole new way of speaking. If anyone has any tips or would like to help me, that would be greatly appreciated. I am, in fact, particularly interested in video
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