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  1. Hi Derrian, I also tried sending you a message but I couldn't. Sorry for my delay in the reply, I didn't recieved a notification that you commented. I would love to chat with you sometime, hope we can fix this message thing somehow. Irving.
  2. I will give it a try. "Hi, I have three dogs and two cats. My three dogs names are. the first one is Edi, second one is Molly and the third one is Osita. My cats are. The first one is Mittens and the second one is Shredder."
  3. Sure thing, you may also contact me when you feel like it. And likewise, I may not reply as fast, but sure will do as soon as I can.
  4. Hi! My name is Irving and I recently started learning American Sign Language. I'm finishing the beginners course. I'm a hearing person and would love to make friends who can introduce me into the deaf community. My goals in life is to become an interpreter. Currently I'm working as a teacher. I had a student who was deaf. He inspired me to learn, and since I've been taking the classes I'm in love with the language. If anyone wishes to chat, feel free to write to me.
  5. Hi Reggie, my name is Irving. I've recently started to learn ASL too. Would love to chat with you some time!
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