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  1. Are you still looking. for people to sign with via zoom?  I am HOH and learning ASL and need to practice.


    Best, CJ

  2. I am hearing and I know a little bit of ASL. I would like to make new online friends with Deaf and HOH people. I am on Zoom app for Deaf & HOH, add me on Zoom: LorinEaves, let me know you added me and I will add you back. My Meeting ID:663 247 322
  3. i'm hearing and looking for some people thats HOH or deaf that i can be friends with im also a beginner in ASL and i have a little cousin thats deaf and my all time favorite thing to do is communicating with someone who is deaf or HOH and i also like to be an interpreter in ASL so that i can be someones ears that is either HOH or Deaf if interested be sure to comment down below or whatever you'd like to do.....
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