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  1. c the hearing person

    ASL Dataset

  2. c the hearing person

    ASL and Me

    hi I’d love to practice with you. i watched switched at birth too and that inspired me to learn. you can dm me on Instagram @imlearningasl or if u don’t have insta then we can figure something out
  3. c the hearing person

    Hey 🤠😒😴🤐😂🤷

    hi I’m 15 and we could practice together. if u have Instagram my Instagram is @imlearningasl you can dm me
  4. c the hearing person


    Hello, My name is Chloe and I'm 15 years old. I've been learning ASL since mid November 2018. I'd love to have a practice buddy. You can contact me via Instagram @imlearningasl Hope we can be friends!
  5. c the hearing person

    NEED PRACTICE BUDDY! (beginner asl)

    we can video chat or even better-dm me on Instagram @imlearningasl and we can talk on there and maybe exchange further contact info(i.e: snapchat,etc.)