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  1. I'm a hearing, intermediate ASL learner I can practice with you if you still want. Lmk

    1. Alex Spencer

      Alex Spencer

      Hello, My name is Alex, "Deaf" in America Sign Language. If you want chatting for learning sign language. I would be love it get know about you, please message to me soon


      have a great day :)



  2. Hello! I'm Kayla and I'm the president and founder of the sign language club at my school. Since school has been cancelled we have switched our club meetings to online. A huge part of learning ASL is Deaf Culture so I wondered if anybody here would be comfortable sharing their experience with my club on Zoom? It would be really low key, I just feel uncomfortable sharing about a culture that I'm not 100% a part of. Thanks and lmk!!
  3. Hi! I'm Kayla and I signed up on this website a couple of years ago but the timing never worked out for me to get around to it. Now I'm jumping back onto the ASL train as I attempt my journey to understand ASL and Deaf Culture better!
  4. HI! My name is Kayla and I'm relatively new at ASL. I think one day I saw some people signing to each other and thought it was awesome and amazing and it was something I really wanted to try to do. I'm a student and there isn't much awareness about Sign Language or even deaf people at my school so I started an ASL club. I'm not entirely fluent but I have taken some classes, read tons of books, and watched a bunch of youtube videos, so I really want to learn so I can teach! I know you can't learn a new language just by reading books so I hope I can practice signing with people who know how!
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