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  1. Hello everyone I don’t know if I explained anything about me so here it goes. I am deaf and have been signing since age 4 . I learned sign language in school . I love asl it’s a beautiful language and I’m glad I got to learn it.
  2. Hello everyone sorry I don’t check this everyday I will try my best to get back to you all
  3. I'm a hearing, intermediate ASL learner I can practice with you if you still want. Lmk

    1. Alex Spencer

      Alex Spencer

      Hello, My name is Alex, "Deaf" in America Sign Language. If you want chatting for learning sign language. I would be love it get know about you, please message to me soon


      have a great day :)



  4. hi michelle! i saw the message under the new topic. id love to chat and sign sometime! 

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    2. Michelle Colon

      Michelle Colon

      The pic you see is my profile pic on fb 

    3. Michelle Colon
    4. Cody Hartjes

      Cody Hartjes

      not yet.. how about this: 

      use this link: https://www.facebook.com/cody.hartjes

      that should take you to my FB page

  5. Hello I don't know a lot of signing but would like to learn more. Not sure how often you come on. Hard to find any deaf friends so be trying to find people online. I have never taken a class so bare with me if you can. I prefer learning for deaf ASL signers if possible or teachers and I saw you said you were deaf. If you decide to help me thanks. I am a 40 year old mother of 4. two adults and two teens. Finger spelling and the short hand spelling are my weak spot of course lol. 

  6. Sorry I don’t check this site a lot so if you want to sign let me know I will try to get back to you
  7. Hi everyone I am deaf and I'm looking for friends to sign with message me on here If you want to sign
  8. I am deaf and know sign language
  9. Hey everyone sorry I haven't been on for awhile but i am back on here I'm looking for new friends to sign with if you want to chat In asl send me a message on here
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