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  1. Marc Stone

    Hello from ASL2 signer.

    I'm in Florida so not only is there a time difference, but it's also 5:52am there. I work from home though so I'm available during the day to practice.
  2. Marc Stone

    Hello from ASL2 signer.

    I'm also in ASL 2 and would love to practice. I feel like receptive skills need work and that seems like the easiest way. Let me know if you'd like to practice sometime.
  3. Marc Stone

    HI! Looking for Int or Adv peeps!

    Hello! I'd be interested in practicing! I'm on the east coast so there's a time difference, but let me know if there's a time that works.
  4. Marc Stone

    Hello Fellow Signers

    I can't believe how many months I've played this fingerspelling game without realizing there's a whole community behind it. I need to look around more 😛 I'm about a year in on learning through weekly night courses and just starting auditing ASL 2 at the local college in in Florida. Let me know if you want to practice.