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  1. u wanna have my zoom code?

  2. hmu when ur ready 2 vc?

  3. @Irsy Elizabeth Montesino Sánchez i recommend Bill Vicars on youtube. If anything you will definitely learn more vocabulary. Or if you'd like to sign/practice sometime email me a time and date. email: [email protected]
  4. @Pebbles hello. I sometimes find that this forum's chatrooms are slightly laggy and have had camera problems in the past so I tend to use Zoom or Skype.
  5. @beautyoutofashes54 by simply asking would you like to practice sometime? i use multiple platforms such as this one, or Skype, or zoom, sometimes FaceTime all depending on what the other person wants or is more comfortable with. If you would like to practice email me a time and date and we can set up a chatroom. email: [email protected] also i am pacific standard time.
  6. @Jordan H. Sure! no problem. Whenever you have some free time we can meet my schedule is very flexible. Contact me anytime when you are ready. [email protected] or direct is usually best since i don't always check my email as often 949-294-7810 i am also pacific standard time.
  7. hello @beautyoutofashes54 i am a ASL student finishing my second year of ASL. Typically, when you sign/are signing there isn't really a "break" because if you sign fluently it simply flows, unless the person is signing slower or is a beginner, then yes there are many pauses and breaks. Remember that the ASL sentence structure usually follows: Time + Subject + Verb + Object so as an example in English it could go something like: I went to Ireland last year and as for ASL it would look something like this: Last year (time) I ( subject) went to (me + go finish verb) Ireland (ob
  8. @Jordan H. hello. i am a ASL student from California going into ASL 4 this semester. would you like to practice sometime?
  9. @Crystal Inesta hi there. I am a ASL student from california. would you like to practice sometime? Here is my email if you wish to practice: [email protected]
  10. @beautyoutofashes54 Hi! i have a flexible/open schedule so most days im free. shoot me an email and we can find a time/day. [email protected]
  11. Hi there! I am an ASL student from California going into the end of my 2nd year of ASL and transferring soon into an interpretation program. Would you like to practice sometime?
  12. So, as an example, lets say we were talking about a website and I want to know the name of the website. In context, it would be appropriate to use the sign similar in your video. Because the sign used in your video can also be used to express, "it is called..." because i want to know the name of the website and you sign "name you" the translation can be expressed as such. So if we were talking about a person, and you ask for their name it would be the normal sign for name which is "U" handshape and are crossed like an x over one another tapped twice with the corresponding facial expressions. I
  13. hi McKenna, for this sign, it is different from, "my name is" as the signs and movements are different from "Name You" which is what is signed in the video. However there is little context for the given video so it is hard to determine the meaning. For instance when you ask for someone's name, normally you would furrow your eyebrows as if you are asking them a question and tap four fingers twice for the sign "name" maybe even tilt your head slightly as indicating the question. This sign"Name You" entitles a different meaning. I hope this helps!
  14. Hi all. Just throwing this out there again to see if anyone needs help practicing sign or wants to chat. I am an ASL student from California (hearing) and am going into my 4th semester for ASL (ASL 4). If anyone wants to chat or practice i am all up for it. Schedule is very flexible. best way for contact: [email protected] or message me here i check this often
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