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  1. sounds good! this is my Skype ID live:ch53142
  2. i have some experience with Skype we can go with that although I'm not entirely sure how to find you through Skype
  3. what platform do you use for chatting/videos?
  4. finishing ASL 2 within a month or so and then going to level 3! no problem at all. I'm sure we can teach each other a thing or two. always better to have someone to sign with than not. What platform do you use for chatting/video chat?
  5. hello claire! i am in the same situation with school and what not... it is getting difficult to sign just with myself, feel like I'm losing more information than retaining. would you want to chat sometime?
  6. hello! i am recent on this page as well. would you want to sign sometime?
  7. hello! i am new to this site as well.. and trying to utilize video chatting more to retain my sign knowledge. what platforms do you use for video chatting?
  8. hi michelle! i saw the message under the new topic. id love to chat and sign sometime! 

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    2. Michelle Colon

      Michelle Colon

      The pic you see is my profile pic on fb 

    3. Michelle Colon

      Michelle Colon

      Did you find me 

    4. Cody Hartjes

      Cody Hartjes

      not yet.. how about this: 

      use this link: https://www.facebook.com/cody.hartjes

      that should take you to my FB page

  9. hello everyone! my name is cody and i am about a year into starting ASL. Currently in ASL 2 with half my semester left and then continuing to 3. I hope to have my AA in sign by the end of next year and will be looking to transfer into a university for American Sign Language and Deaf Studies with the hopes of becoming an interpreter in the future! I am also new to this forum and have only recently began branching out to online platforms but given the current state of everything.. i understand. ASL has become a passion of mine and i have been studying vigorously to better my sign but practicing by myself and alone isn't the same as having another person to sign with. Especially with this language i am seeing more and more depth with conversations with both Deaf people and Hearing, and it has made me observe my everyday life in a different perspective. Feel free to message me if you would like to sign or even ask me questions i could possibly answer to the best of my knowledge.
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