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  1. hello! im a hearing ASL student. i just finished with ASL 2 and will start ASL 3 in the fall. i started utilizing glide a couple weeks ago. would you like to chat sometime?
  2. hello ashley! our situation seems to be similar! i will also be finishing ASL2 this semester and in the fall start ASL 3. Up for a chat sometime?
  3. hi alex i am a student attending community college and studying sign language. Would you like to chat sometime?
  4. fine with me the more the merrier here is my email you can send the zoom meet info to and ill join [email protected]
  5. awesome. do you want to host? if not i can. doesn't matter to me, although idk for you but my zoom has a 40 min time limit.
  6. sounds good. wanna zoom tomorrow at noon your time? im pacific
  7. do you prefer a certain platform? and when would would be a good time for you?
  8. hi kiki. I am a student attending community college at the moment and am currently studying asl. would you wanna chat sometime?
  9. great blog! very informative about the function between the two meanings.
  10. sure i don't mind. glad to help.
  11. hello. i am currently studying ASL and am hearing. but from what i learned, there are numerous signs that use the same sign to denote multiple meanings. it also depends on context of the sentence/situation. i.e. different has one sign but you could also finger spell out difference, but it utilizes the sign for different. english and asl are not the same.
  12. hello! i have used this site to chat before. but i also have other accommodating platforms, Skype, FaceTime, zoom. would you like to chat sometime?
  13. ill be in one of the chatrooms by that time (should be) come join!
  14. is next wednesday good? and btw what level are you at?
  15. hello all! i am in ASL2 and would love to chat sometime. would anyone be interested in trying to set up a meet on a specific day using this site video chatroom?
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