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  1. Omg I am sorryyyyy! for some reason I though this massage was for me because my name is also Elizabeth. I am so ashamed right now jajajaja. However, I still will be more then happy to have a zoom room meeting to practice. I am 27, Elizabeth Collins is 25, how old are you Kayla? We could even do a three person zoom practice meeting, with the three of us!! I am not really good at signing, but I am sign my best to learn. I meet an awesome friend, her name is Jenny and she is being really good to me. A lot of blessing to everyone.
  2. Hello Kayla how are you? That is awesome to meet someone that is also looking for a practice friend. If you want we can set up a zoom meeting so we can practice. My email is [email protected] Please email me at your better convenience Kayla!
  3. Hello Maryr, I am happy you are here too 😊 I am also learning, we can practice anytime you have available thank you
  4. Hello Steve, how awesome to know someone wanting to preacher the gospel in ASL. I am a beginner but I am also looking to practice with someone, if you are interested we can practice together, I have to say I am really new in ASL thank you
  5. Hello Jhonathan, how are you? Do you have Marco Polo? I will love to practice with you if you have any time available, thank youuuu! My email is [email protected]
  6. Hello Baby Bumblebee, thank you for your interest. I will loveeee to practice with someone. Maybe we can practice on Skype? or zoom? Please, let me know we can share emails and keep it from there. Thank you very much!
  7. Thank you very much Cody, I will definitely look for him. Is there a day when you have time available? I will love to practice with you 🙏🙏🙏 thank you a lot
  8. Hello everyone, I am looking to learn ASL to work with kids where I work. I am currently using YouTube videos to learn but I can’t learn anything beside the alphabet. Online classes are to expensive for my budget right now. I need help, is there a chat group or we can create a zoom meeting to practice. I love God, I am 26, have a daughter and I am married. God bless you all and hope to create a group of friends 🙏
  9. Hello, My name is Elizabeth and I am looking to learn ASL. I work in a daycare and I will like to communicate with children with ASL. Any recommendations on how to start learning ASL or friends willing to chat? Thank youuuu
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