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  1. I want to practice, how can I join your chat?
  2. What's your e-mail? Maybe we can set up FaceTime Meet? E-mail me your number. [email protected]; We can practice finger spelling if you like? This is your basic foundation and will save you in communicating with the deaf, they will tell you the sign if you finger spell it.
  3. The reason I'm learning ASL is because I'm an advocate for communication. My major is Communication Disorders and Deaf Education. I work with children who are nonverbal and I teach baby sign to little ones. I want to learn more because it is important for everyone to have a voice whether or not they can be physically heard. I also joined an ASL group at my church but it's a mix of ASL and FSL (Filipino Sign Language) so some words might be different when I sign. I also met a girl from my church who lost her hearing and she inspired me to learn sign language. If anyone's willing to practice w
  4. Hi Alex! I will really appreciate you teaching me sign. When are you available? email me at [email protected] for your number please. I'm from So Cal so Pacific Time
  5. Hi! Name is Mille. I know basic sign, enough to communicate but I'm pretty sure it's not grammatically correct in ASL. I can use your help if you're willing to practice with me.
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