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  1. Is anything up-to-date. Just trying to practice what I know and learn more.
  2. Hello I don't know a lot of signing but would like to learn more. Not sure how often you come on. Hard to find any deaf friends so be trying to find people online. I have never taken a class so bare with me if you can. I prefer learning for deaf ASL signers if possible or teachers and I saw you said you were deaf. If you decide to help me thanks. I am a 40 year old mother of 4. two adults and two teens. Finger spelling and the short hand spelling are my weak spot of course lol. 

  3. Did u take classes or learn on your own? It's says new learner. How long have you been learning? I want to take a class when I can.
  4. To be honest that I wanted to learn since I was a teenager, now 40. The problem was when I graduated high school they said my English score was too low and wouldn't allow me to take it at the time. I wanted to take it in case I had a child that needed it. Turns out I had an autistic child 2 years later and ended up having to learn a few basic words to communicate with her. I never went any further than that. Now that there's online schools it never dawned on me to try to sign up online. I have been learning on my own for the past couple months and doing pretty well and still plan to sign up when I have the money. Now I've just been trying to find deaf communities and suck. I've only run into one person that I got to speak to which was nice but it's very rare. All the gathering seem to be so far away. After 12 years in the military I do a lot of stuff from home. And have to sit in the house a lot during the summer because of my allergy to the Sun so online school would be great if I could video chat with people. Hard to meet deaf people to talk to.
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