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  1. Alyssa Jordan Kelley Marshall

    Im HOH

    I'd love to practice with you sometime
  2. Alyssa Jordan Kelley Marshall

    The reason I'm learning sign language

    I'm sorry to hear about your struggles. How have you been with the sudden change? Is anyone else in your life learning ASL to more easily communicate with you?
  3. Alyssa Jordan Kelley Marshall

    Becoming a Polyglot

    One of my biggest dreams is to become a polyglot and know at least 4-5 languages. I'm a native English speaker, a practicing and functional Spanish speaker and now I am hoping to learn ASL as my third language. I studied in Highschool and took a few classes, but I haven't done much practicing since. I hope to brush up on what I learned and improve my vocabulary and conversation skills. Nice to meet you all!
  4. Alyssa Jordan Kelley Marshall

    Alyssa from Oklahoma

    Hi! My name is Alyssa and I want to learn Sign Language to meet new people and learn new words. Bye!