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  1. Hi, Katie! let me know if you want to practice and let´s see if we can find some time to do it!
  2. Hi, Jason! My name is Joy and I would love a pal to practice with! I live in the great city of Austin, Texas and work as a teacher. I need to seriously improve my signing for my work. Although ideally, we would also have someone from the Deaf community with us, I am certain that there would be great value in the 2 of us signing together, novices we may be. Now I am going to attempt to record something like this in a video for you. Hope to hear from you soon... Joy Ok, guess who! So i went to record this (and I recorded a video the other day on this computer, so I know it works), and
  3. My name is Joy, and I would love to be practicing with some other students out there! Let's do it!
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