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  1. ClareBearPhD

    In-Dream Signing

    So I just finished my last semester at Suffolk University, where I took ASL I and II. I believe that me an ASL II. My signing is fairly limited and I have trouble understanding others who sign. However, a while back I had a dream in which someone used the sign for 'high school' ("H-S"). Even though my signing is still rudimentary, could this be an indication I'm starting to improve my ASL proficiency?
  2. ClareBearPhD

    Clare From Beantown

    I'm a senior at Suffolk University majoring in history. I've just accepted a position at Boston College's history MA program. I hope to specialize in Cold War history, and to be a history professor some day. I came out as transgender my senior year of high school, and began living as a woman after graduating in 2011. Two years ago I saw the film Shape of a Voice. As a trans woman, I identified with the main character's feeling of loneliness. I started learning ASL to help create a society that includes everyone, not just hearing people. Perhaps I'll get a professorship at a deaf university some day. I've often gone to lengths to educate others about the transgender community, and am willing to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to message me.