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  1. ok so I can finger spell faster than I can read it so took 3 times to get hello but think good way practice. I have dyslexiadoes this change or maybe why struggle so much. others pick up so fast even kids in at can I grab pen paper and hold on go back and shared that letter again. I. ant watch myself sign even I close my eyes do better. but was thinking at why so hard but when I look my hand I see back of my hand watching others it's front looks different was think maybe why. it sure. when I get this down I think will be good as I struggle talking. right now it new words I
  2. hi..... not good at new...... learning asl....always hard hearing since birth born early . hearing aids until last few years they said won't help now don't bother paying cost for them. now going blind so sign will be my way of communicating . I'm frustrated angry well just so much. I wa told I be totally deaf before 20 so was good I gone double this but I did not expect to go blind. I did not realize I was reading lips and things I said normal to me I was told is not. like turn around so I can hear you. my audiologist said my brain adapted to me losing hearing more and more. I found out l
  3. hi Angel I'm not good at asl I trying to learn myself. always had hearing challenges but losing my hearing more now and my hearing aids not helping anymore. I have elhers Danlos syndrome found out in 2015- 2016 I had this so no I can better understand why hearing has always been struggle. born very early micro preemee just told a birth thing now it the inherited thing. . I have heard of. d.i.d. is your military related (trauma) or before military. was. born into a military family . do you have alot of struggles from military life.... I'm now going blind so need to learn asl faster.
  4. hi new here but question is there a difference between English sign language and ASK. very new to this . I have one interp using English sign language one using ask. and seems different but was just told when adkingvwhy it's so different she said she uses English sign language. when I first started I was told English sign is like slang what people would think ASL would be. I am confused but feel I am waiting alot of time. I'm going blind and must learn and time is alot to me. I have spent several month with a person learning what I was told was asl but I been questioning as my first interp sig
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