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  1. Hi Katie! I am hard of hearing, but have never been pushed by anyone to learn to sign, so never did. My hearing though seems to just continue to get worse, so I'm pushing myself. I would love someone to practice with! I am in the beginners stage, and only know a handful of signs, can have short conversations depending on the topic. I am thinking of starting a club at Job Corps, where I'm studying, and think that this kind of video chat site would be a good idea to help others learn also. Give me a shout out of you're interested in chatting or signing. Have a great day!
  2. Hi. Name's Tiffany. I've been hard of hearing for almost 20 years now, and have wanted to learn to sign for a long time. I found it extremely difficult to learn on my own, so I'm hoping some people here would be willing to learn with me, and some friends. Thinking of starting a club here at Job Corps 😊
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