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  1. I have a few questions for deaf people, I am doing a project pls be honest if you are deaf or not. I tried to make sure these questions would not be offensive to anyone in the deaf community. Please answer the following 1: Do you feel because you are deaf you have less of a voice in your community? 2: Can you lip read and speak? 3: Do you feel hearing people should learn ASL because you have been forced to adapt to a hearing society and you can speak to us so why shouldn't we be able to speak to you. 4: Is it hard having hearing parrents, what's the hardest part? 6: What is your favorite type of entertainment? 7: Do you watch Netflix? What is it like for you? How do you watch it? With subtitles? 8: How do you experience music, what does it mean to you? What's your favorite artist? 10: Do you feel the police should know ASL so that they can communicate with people in the deaf community? 11: What is school like for you? 12: Where you brought up in the deaf or hearing world? 13: What is your social life like? 14: What are some things people have said to you about your deafness that were unitentialy rude and upsetting. 15: Do you feel most people view being deaf as a disability?
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