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  1. hey cody i got and ear infection and that is how i started learning and i know fingerspell and about fifty words and i am learning at signschool which is free and an online web browser software system. i need someone to practice.

    1. Cody Hartjes

      Cody Hartjes

      when are you free? 


    2. deathincarnate


      All day from noon to five pm. i am starting to forget stuff like pushing your hands palms outward. I can't remember what is was. also someone please look at my alphanumeric sign and at least say it sucks or something!!! i sent video of a hands pushing up that i forgot. i hope you get that too.



    3. deathincarnate


      just email me at [email protected] make new one and send the new one i case you decide you hate me. that is what people do. anyways send the email through here first or just use here but it took a week for me to find this as i was gaming. i play rust at cndblood solo or solo duo most of the time and then i practice guitar from 5 to 7 pm.

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