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  1. Hi Lena, want to come try again.. my cameral is directed better now.
  2. Hi Jared, I am hearing too and don't have much experience in deaf culture. Good luck with your project. Asplenlea
  3. I am in the mixed chatroom now (for about 20 minutes) if you want to join me. Christine
  4. I’m always willing to practice if you still want a partner

    1. Aspenlea


      Dashnall, sorry I've take so long to respond.  As usual, I got busier than I expected.  

      Are you still interested in practicing?



  5. I am sitting in a chat room while doing the fingerspelling game.. hoping someone will drop in and join me to practice some signing. Also just learning how these posts work. Its not all clear to me yet. Testing to see if this will show up in the right display panel under "posts".
  6. I would like to sign with someone on this forum.  I would want it to be 100% signing, never speaking, and for no more than about 15 minutes at a time.  I really appreciate the finger spelling game.  I can read 40 words in 2 minutes now,.  I remember almost all the signs up to level II but I may be slow at reading them.  I would love to practice with someone who is at least at a well practiced level I.  Please let me know if you are interested. 

    1. Dashannell Mitchell

      Dashannell Mitchell

      I would like to take you up in your offer

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