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  1. I have been learning for a few years. How extensive is the vocabulary in a sign language compared to a spoken language? Signed languages are like any other language in that they have an extensive vocabulary and grammar system. There isn't an ASL sign for every english word, just like there isn't a french word for every english word. ASL is very different from english and other signed languages in english speaking countries like BSL or AUSLAN. ASL has a lot of signs that do not have english equivale
  2. https://aslbasics.com/free-asl-resources/ here are some great resources to get started if you are learning online Sam.
  3. Hi, I'm Madison and I am hearing. I would love to practice chatting with people and improve my skills. let me know if you would like to practice
  4. I have also been teaching myself asl online for the past couple years, let me know if anyone here wants to practice
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