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  1. so i was watching this video and she signed the handshape 9 repeatedly headside with one hand. I completely forgot what it meant and no ASL to English dictionary is working for me. If anyone can write out a few ideas of with it could mean that would be very helpful.
  2. Hi. I am trying to learn ASL and its hard because for 5 years I was learning PSE without knowing. Now I need help breaking the PSE cycle and learning ASL. I would love help with ASL interpretation as well for songs because I learn because when things are writing down. I want to practice ASL conversations, ASL interpretation, and fingerspelling faster. I tried interpretation on song so far (still editing.) If anyone is willing to help with anything we can Skype. Just message or reply. Thank you. 😁
  3. I want to be a polyglot too. I'm learning ASL and Vietnamese right now.
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