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  1. When I was Born in Kyrgyzstan when my mom adopted to me i was 8 year old then moving to USA. I was "Deaf" because loss my hearing. When i was learning sign language at school and some a home. difficult for my family because my mom little sign language for me also not good communication with her. i have lot problem my family. i have story sad too, if i would like sharing of some my story. 

    Thank you for asking. 


    If okay would be messenger or texting. 


  2. Hello! My name is Mikaela and I am a freshman in college. I have been signing for 4 year now and have a passion for the culture and language. As I am in college now studying social work, I am not able/don't have the time to study ASL also. I really want to keep my asl and use it for my career but I have no one I can sing with. Thats why I am here! Im looking for people to have a ASL connection with and to basically only sign to each other. Id love to get two know you, become friends, and grow our passion our ASL together! P.S. I am also a ASL tutor so if you need help, I am here
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