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  1. Hello again, Teri!! So I’ve had a little time to learn about this site and I realize we can do a video chat right on here and that, perhaps, was your intention! I think it’s a GREAT idea! We can get to know each other, a little bit. I am busy in the morning and have a meeting around 4 p.m. I can sign with you in the afternoon or in the evening/night. Like you, I’m hoping to become proficient in ASL and I am SO EXCITED to get started practicing!! If you’re interested, let me know. I can open a room and call it “Mid Age Ladies” and set it for 2 people. How does that sound?
  2. Hi Teri! Wonderful!!! It would be great to practice signing with you! So, I’m not too computer savvy and am actually not too sure of how this site works. But, I’ve used zoom and FaceTime, so just need a little help getting started. How do you and I start communicating privately?
  3. Hi everyone! My name is Wendy A. I am a middle aged woman learning ASL and am eager to meet some other middle aged women also interested in learning and/or practicing ASL…nothing against all you young-uns!! It’s just that it would be really fun to be able to laugh about some of the finer aspects of growing older as we practice signing together. So, please, ladies, let’s connect!!! There’s a great game called Marco Polo that makes it real easy to send and receive videos that you can watch at your own leisure.
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