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Purple or VRI Interpreters out there? I need advice!

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Are there any Purple, Sorenson, or VRI Interpreters out there?  I was just offered a job doing VRI for Purple and am curious if anyone works there and could give me advice?  Or any VRI advice?  

How do you tend to communicate with your team if you are overwhelmed - do you pm in the company platform, use text, fbm?  What are the best practices for that?

Was anyone else scared to start this? I know I have to get my feet wet in VRI at some point if I want to do VRI but I am still super nervous as I might get a client who's signing style, accent, or new signs may throw me for loops?  How did others feel about this?  

What do you do if you miss FS during VRI work?  Do you just ask the client for clarification?  Can the client type that in on platform?  

Any advice for working for purple as a private contractor?  

Any other interpreting forums terps think are great that I should join?

I am super nervous about starting but they assure me I will be on a team with a more seasoned interpreter and I can be mentored.  Is this really the case? I talked to a rep and of course they made it sounds all rainbows and roses....


Thanks so much!!!


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