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Tristian Hensley

Introducing Myself - Tristian

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Hello.  My name is Tristian and over the last semester, I've taken ASL 1 and ASL 2 at my community college and plan to start ASL 3 next semester (January).  I'm interested in improving my skills in the use of ASL and want to keep ASL as a language (which is why I'm taking ASL 3).  Since I'm starting Christmas break and I know there will be many times where I won't need to use asl for a while, I'm hoping this site will help me keep this language and improve on it.  

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    • Hi everyone! I just started learning ASL a few days ago and hope to further my learning by practicing through video chat on here! I am an extreme beginner so I'm in search of other beginners or experienced signers that are willing to be patient.  If anyone is interested, I would love to schedule a time! Can't wait to learn more!!
    • Hi Michelle, I have been learning ASL for 3 months or so but have yet to sign with anybody. I would love to chat with you if you are still looking for friends?
    • Hi. My name is Camille. I have been learning ASL for the past 7 months because my infant is HOH and I would like to be able to support his communication. I'm pretty new to signing but I am eager to learn. 
    • I have 2 semesters of ASL but I need brushing up. I would love to be an interpreter someday. Looking to practice with someone (deaf, HOH, or hearing) who is PATIENT please.