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Beginer- Translating the alphabet to conversation

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Hi, I recently learned the ASL alphabet as part of a project for grad school. Now I am looking for some advice about how to use this new skill in conversations. I understand that people do not spell out each word. But, for now the alphabet is the skill I have acquired and would like to use.

Any general advice?

What happens if I mess up a letter and need to "delete" it?

Any advice on how to read letters from other/ increase comprehension speed?

Any advice about my next steps? Moving from letters to words?

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practice fingerspelling at all times of the day, when you're bored, or about to sleep, etc.

do the fingerspelling game. also practice signing with others.

do bill vicars lessons on lifeprint.com or asluniversity.com They're pretty easy and very effective. make sure you practice with someone regularly to help retain the information you glean from lessons. if you're watching the videos, make sure you practice signing the practice sentences and practice watching him sign them to ensure you are gaining projective and receptive skills both.

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