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  1. This is excellent news. i'm on pacific time because I'm on the west coast. I'd be willing to get together sometime between morning and noon here. I'll check this site in the morning. I hope you are actively checking this site.
  2. Hello. I've been a member to this site for a few years now. I frequently get on here and try to practice signing with people who are interested. If signing practice is what you're looking for, I'll be in the chatrooms on this site for the next hour or so.
  3. Hi everyone who's here looking to improve their ASL with some practice. I'm gonna be in the video chat rooms on this site for the next hour or so. Just pop in if you'd like to practice a bit.
  4. practice fingerspelling at all times of the day, when you're bored, or about to sleep, etc. do the fingerspelling game. also practice signing with others. do bill vicars lessons on lifeprint.com or asluniversity.com They're pretty easy and very effective. make sure you practice with someone regularly to help retain the information you glean from lessons. if you're watching the videos, make sure you practice signing the practice sentences and practice watching him sign them to ensure you are gaining projective and receptive skills both.
  5. I'll be in the video chat rooms on this site at 10-11 pst, 11-12 mst, 12pm-1pm cst and 1pm-2pm est respectively. Feel free to join in and say hi.
  6. Let's video chat I'll be in the chatroom for the next hour
  7. beh0ld


    Hi Bell. Feel free to message me sometime for ASL practice. I'm not an expert but I feel I can make basic conversation and would probably be somewhat close to your level.
  8. Of course. Message me any time. And that goes for anyone reading this message as well. I love to connect with people. I don't mind teaching vocab or actually practicing sign.
  9. Yes I would love to. I'm in asl 122 (asl 2) at my college and I love to practice. It seems I'm the more enthusiastic than most in my class so, is the plan to meet on this site at those times?
  10. hello Tracy. I'm glad you decided to start learning asl. I have been learning for a little while. I'll be in the chat rooms on this site for the next hour, if you or anyone else is interested in a video chat go ahead and join in. :)
  11. I'll be in chat rooms again today just jump in. I don't have anything else pressing so we can get down and sign about whatever.
  12. I'm also PST. If someone would like to practice with me i'll be in a video chat room in here for the next hour. Just join and say hi.
  13. let's meet up tomorrow. how does 2 pm pacific standard time sound?
  14. although i don't know so many signs. i am relatively fast at learning and comprehending the signs i do know as well as reading finger spelling.
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