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I know Portuguese Sign Language (LGP) and I want to learn ASL too! I am hearing, 26, I speak portuguese and english. I hope i can learn from you, the deaf community and teachers here! In Portugal we don't have a website like this, only social media and it's hard to start a conversation about sign language. All my family and friends are hearing too :( I love our finger spelling but i find yours is lovely too and sometimes, a few signs are the same :D for example: the letter L, O, Z are the same sign in both pt and english and the letter I too :D Sorry if i make any mistakes...i am currently only learning ASL through deaf people on youtube and instagram! I only know LGP level one, i am not fluent! I tried to say the english alphabet while signing in portuguese and it's hard! Sorry about my pjs, i am currently sick. Thank you!


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