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getting to know ya!  

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  1. 1. Which 2023 summer movie is your favorite(*watched/unwatched)

    • Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse
    • Barbie
    • The Flash
    • Little Mermaid
    • Fast X

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Hi! my name is Alicia, and I have been learning ASL to learn and help others; I really regret not learning it when I was a kid lol but it has been a huge highlight in my life.

Happy to meet you guys! Looking forward to making some memories and learning buddies:)

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Hello Lucy, my name is Yvanne. It is nice to meet you. I am in beginner and a bit of a slow learner. I am unsure if it is because I don't have anyone to practice with. I am currently taking ASL1. I would like to continue learning and growing long after my classes are done I hope to make lasting friendships on this site as well.

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    • I haven’t had in-depth conversations with anyone who had to use sign language their whole life owing to the fact that I haven't met many, and even the ones I did, I just didn't. So, I will ask my questions here: I know there's no other option, but I am more interested in the logistics part--how did you learn sign language as a person with hearing/speech impairments? Since language (any mode of communication) works on consensus, what was your formal training in sign language?
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