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I'm super excited to start doing this! right now I'm a junior in high school. last year during my second semester of my sophomore year I took an ASL class, I got the joy of meeting my super awesome SEE ASL teacher. I was taught SEE, so exact english, but I know a lot of signs and can pick it up easily. She unfortunately retired, and we only have one year of SEE available. If I could have taken another level I would have, still, I kept all of our lesson signs, and I'm looking into getting a SEE dictionary.  I'm so glad to continue learning, and this site is one of my favorites. I'm excited to hopefully get to work with all sorts of people and continue to learn and grow my knowledge of sign. 

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    • Hey Cekncen, thank for the reply.  I'm on pt 5 of the 150 essential signs, they are great videos! looking for some real people to practice what I've learned with
    • This is super awesome! i'm on my chromebook so I can't join now but I will ABSOLUTELY!!! Be joining this! sounds like fun! 
    • I made an ASL discord server. It has a teen only area and an adult area as well as sections for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and fluent as well as a mixed level and age area. I hope to see y’all there so that we learn, practice, and grow together.   https://discord.gg/CmQrzAhf 
    • I just got 45! I'm getting really good I feel! I always like to find a good speed, then just read off the letters as they come up, and spell the word, then once i'm good at recognizing what letter it is, I try to pronounce the word as it comes through, I find that helps the most when it comes to learning with this game! hopefully I can get to 50 in 2 mins by the end of the week. 
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