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Fingerspelling Game

Izzy 23

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Hi I am taking ASL through our local community college on zoom. The teacher suggested we practice receptive ASL. Seems most in our class can sign but can't read it. I am playing the game and see there are amazing scores. They must have it on max speed and no mistakes? He told us to try to figure out the word instead of individual letters. I'm finding that really hard. What is your average score? When I increase the speed I freeze. I seem to get stuck on f and x. 

Grateful for this website to practice!  Thank you.

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How many finger spelling words can you read in 3 minutes? Learn & improve your British Sign Language finger spelling skills with this finger spelling gameFinger spelling  Finger spelling positively correlates with stronger reading skills. Deaf and hard of hearing children who are good finger spellers are good  2048 cupcakes readers, and vice versa.Finger spelling is a manual encoding of written language, used by signers to fill lexical gaps in a signed language (Sutton-Spence and Woll, 1999). British signers use a two-handed variety of finger spelling in which 26 hand arrangements correspond to the 26 letters of the Roman alphabet
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    • Hi! I just started ASL today with great interest. As of now, I only know the basics including the alphabets, numbers 1-20, a few colors, and pronouns. Although I will only be learning on my free time, I still hope that I will be able to make friends here and learn together with them! 💙
    • Hey there, I'd be interested to chat and see if our levels match well for practicing together Message me!
    • I have not started learning yet, but am needing to get motivated to start! I have a hearing processing disorder and my Dr encouraged me to learn. I'd love new friends to learn with! 
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