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Video introduction of me :)


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I hope the video link I've attached below isn't seen as me trying to demonstrate any degree of skill or me assuming that my signing is anywhere near correct. I hope that is serves more as a means of presenting to this community the drive I have to learn with you all. I've found that I haven't met anyone after my previous post, which I suppose is no surprise...

The best way to practice ASL or any other sign online is generally going to be face to face.
The necessity to communicate in this way, however, is a very personal one. I understand why many people would be hesitant to join a zoom call with a stranger without fully having an understanding of this person. I also understand that people may not have the time to go through the various formalities of getting to know someone.

It's based off of this, that I've decided to put my self out here and see what happens haha. I hope whoever is watching can build an understanding of me and decide if they'd like to have a chat!

To summarise the message I've tried  conveying in my video. I am extremely committed to connecting with people who have any experience with anything relating to Americas Deaf community. I want to get to know new people, form friendships and create an atmosphere where perpetual openess and freedom comes first!

If anything I've said has peaked your interest, give me a shout!

Have a great week guys :)


P.S. I apologise to those unable to hear the end where I was talking. In essence, I stuttered out my name and reiterated that I really want to "learn ASL, talk in ASL and really learn about people's cultures" I then acknowledged my ability to add subtitles may not exist and I wrapped things up there :))

Here's a we transfer link. I struggled to have my video fit the specifications this website wants and so went ahead and got this.


Thanks :)

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