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Hello, my name is Adriana and I’m taking ASL 2. I am willing to practice with others in order to improve my skills as well. I am learning ASL because I feel it is important have a good understanding and communication with someone. Also, I have a lot of deaf customers in my store and I use to communicate to them with just pencil and paper. I grew out of that and decided to learn some ASL. I am hoping to expand my skills and get more practice! I am also adding it as a minor to hopefully be an interpreter

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    • im learning to interpret a song by watching a video of a girl interpreting it. The girl used the sign in the video below, but I had previously been using the double x handshape and then the sign for in, which one is correct?  
    • So ive been learning asl through videos of songs interpreted because thats been the best way for me to remeber signs, but i recently saw a sign that i couldnt figure out what it meant. can yall please help? The timing the sign was done makes it seem like she was doing this sign for the word 'that' but it is not the sign I know for 'that'.