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Hi everyone! My name is Sydney and I currently live in Northern Virginia. I'm a college student but not taking any ASL classes at the moment. I'm a complete beginner to ASL and I've only just started learning the alphabet a few days ago and a few phrases. I'd like to chat with someone to help me practice and to make sure I'm signing correctly.  

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Hi, Sydney! I'm a little bit further into an ASL 1 class than you, but not by much, so I'd be happy to do some super-slow fingerspelling to help each other with reception. Just DM if you're interested, or you can email me directly at [email protected] 

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    • Sorry for all the posts. I did some brief reading on sentence structure, I am reminded of my Russian studies where sentences can be very simple and order can determine emphasis. Obviously I will take anyone’s advice, but something like: - Here too many people - future you me dinner? - tomorrow i call, okay?
    • Okay, one more sentence while I'm asking "I was thinking the two of us could have dinner sometime - you know - without all these other people."
    • There’s someone in my social circle that I would like to get to know better. Whenever I see her, we are always with a crowd of people, so I was racking my brain to come up with how to ask and get her attention.   Among other things she is an ASL teacher... if I started signing to her I think she would be absolutely floored (and hopefully say yes!) I would like to sign to her: ”I would like to call you tomorrow, if that is okay.” I’ll cover some more general words between now and then, but that’s how I’d like to ‘surprise’ her as it were. Thanks in advance!
    • Hello Karen, Thanks for the suggestion, we'll take a look at adding numbers in a future update. Are you referring to the animation resource: https://www.signlanguageforum.com/asl/fingerspelling/message/ ?