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Hi everyone! (^o^)/


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Hello (again)!

My name is Nana, I live in Canada and I have started to learn ASL about a year ago. 

I completed the level 102; I can sign casually on familiar topics, but I’m quite bad at signing numbers lol.

I like anime, mangas, romans, illustration, witchcraft (sorry, I mean I’m into Wicca lol) martial arts and travelling. 

I’m looking forward to met new signers :D


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Hi Nana,

I just registered with this site and noticed your post almost immediately. I suck at numbers too! I can sign them (I think... ish...) but I panic when I see someone sign them ("F...oh no that was a 9... and now I've missed the rest of them").

So yeah, I need practice.

Not sure how that works on this site, do we use the chat rooms?

I just tried that Record Video button and got you eight seconds of black screen so that'll need work 🙂

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Hehe, I’m bad with numbers since day 1; I always had a hard time with math and numbers, asl is no exception.

I didn’t try the chat rooms so far because apparently they don’t work on tablet. Since that i cannot go on the website from my workplace, I always have my iPad with me, but for this particular matter it’s not useful.

I have another “pen pal” (or should I say “signpal?) and we send videos to each other through DMs, but I don’t mind using Hangouts or Snapchat as well (but I prefer Hangouts since I watch each video a dozen of times to make sure I understand at least 75% of it ) :D

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Would you be interested in trying a live conversation on Skype or Hangouts? The thing with video is that I can practice beforehand and also take my time understanding it. I know that's useful, but I can do that with YouTube videos (in fact, that's what I do).

But what if you're actually dependent on ASL for communication? I want to throw myself off the deep end and see how far I get. Preferably with another learner so that we won't be embarrassed asking for repetition several times.

What do you think?


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