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My name is Cat.  I am 47 and married.  I have been interested in ASL for a while.  I come from a city (Olathe, KS) that has a large deaf community.  I feel that ASL is a more helpful language to learn than spoken languages, because there are phone translators available for spoken languages.

I have had success using signs to help my foster sons learn to talk.  I had a two year old who went from grunting and head-butting to "mimi eat me"  I am currently building my vocabulary for my granddaughter and myself.  I know this sounds weird, but I have an inner child who is mute.  I don't have multiple personalities, but I do feel like there are pieces of me that got stuck at certain ages, because of childhood trauma.  The littlest one (I call her sweet pea), is from before I started talking at age 3.  I am teaching myself lullabyes and words like "sleep" and "safe" to learn to express that part of myself.  Please don't be offended if you do not believe in this.  I realize it may be cultural appropriation.  I just want to be able to open up that part of myself so I can heal.

Also, when I return to Olathe, I want to be able to hold better conversations than just "please" and "thank you" with members of the deaf community.  I would like to eventually be able to translate as a volunteer.

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    • I made an ASL discord server. It has a teen only area and an adult area as well as sections for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and fluent as well as a mixed level and age area. I hope to see y’all there so that we learn, practice, and grow together.   https://discord.gg/CmQrzAhf 
    • I just got 45! I'm getting really good I feel! I always like to find a good speed, then just read off the letters as they come up, and spell the word, then once i'm good at recognizing what letter it is, I try to pronounce the word as it comes through, I find that helps the most when it comes to learning with this game! hopefully I can get to 50 in 2 mins by the end of the week. 
    • Hi Raf! Nice to meet you. This is definitely the right place to learn sign, but I also heavily recommend Learn How To Sign on YouTube for the first basic beginner signs and sentences. Meredith, the host, is an excellent educator and does a great job. Good luck!
    • Nice! i really do recommend this site for receptive spelling practice, its really good to be able to read signs, and i use a word generator occasionally to practice my own fingerspelling, i generate a word and spell it out, for accuracy and a little speed. if you ever wanna practice feel free to shoot me a message!
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