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Hi everyone! I am Vanessa, I am partially deaf and a beginner at ASL. I would love to have people to practice signing with! I am a Canadian who follows her husbands work through the USA, and we live in Nicaragua when not on a work contract. I deal with severe chronic mirgraines so sometimes my cognition is a bit slow. I have been teaching myself sign from ASL videos and can have a conversation slowly.  I am building my vocabulary, can finger spell (but a bit slow reading finger spelling) I am currently on EST. Available Mon - Fridays until 4pm. 

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Hi  Lauren!, so nice to meet you thanks for the message! I am just working on my computer so anytime before 4 :) what is the best video program you use? I can FaceTime, zoom, Skype or facebook call? Let me know! Otherwise anyday after 10 am ( I am out with my dog a lot in the mornings)


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    • Hi!  I live in Jasper, Alabama and I am a preacher wanting to work in deaf ministry.  I myself am hard of hearing and am progressively going deaf.  I grew up with neighbors who were deaf and taught me to sign a little, then my cousin moved back home from Talladega School for the deaf and she helped me, but I left it for a long time.  I have been studying for a year now and I desperately need someone to video chat with so that I can go further.  I look forward to talking to you all, thank you.
    • I've been learning on my own for a few months as work permits....stopped for awhile, and back at it now with determination to complete ASL3 this year...I'm currently finishing Unit 2 of ASL 1. :)  Mostly using ASLTC and supporting with handpseak and signingsavvy. Following HandsUpSD, ASLStore, and DeafiningASL on Insta. Super lucky to have met an Auslan interpreter online who is now learning ASL (and already streets ahead of me!), so I get some practice and tips from her. Have a great day everyone! 
    • Alternatively, it seems as if we could send videos back and forth on this platform. i've done that before with an app called Marco Polo as well. You can find me on there @kylbrdfrd 
    • Sure, what is the time difference for us? I am available at multiple points during the day, so I feel we could work it out. I'm not sure about guidelines for this site but if it allows you, you can email me at [email protected] Thanks!
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