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Alyson Addington

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Hi guys!  I'm Alyson from Kansas.  Looking for people to practice with, though unfortunately I don't have webcam yet (it's on my list for next month).  I'm brand new at ASL, I started learning in June after I found out that holy smokin' lizards, I cannot understand a single word people are saying anymore.  I'm not deaf, but I have horrible, horrible APD (Auditory Processing Disorder) and relied almost completely on lip reading.  I didn't realize just how MUCH I relied on lip reading until the mask mandate came into place and everyone started mumbling muffled monkey gibberish at me instead of words.   So I'm crash coursing like mad from every online source I can   and would love to hear from others with APD, if you have tips or tricks or frustrations.  

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Hi! My name is Jennifer. I've taken a couple asl classes but with covid happening I'm not ready to go to college for it. I'm considered Hard of hearing and I totally understand what you mean about having a hard time hearing and understanding these people with these masks on. Do you wanna maybe learn together?


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    • Hello all! I have been practicing ASL by myself for several years, and I can communicate in slow conversations. But having no one to practice with, I often lose momentum in learning. I would like to become an interpreter someday, or even teach. I was excited to find a community such as this one!
    • Are you going to be learning ASL together or do they have a headstart already?  There are a few ASL dictionaries, like Handspeak, also a lot of material on Youtube.  Google "ASL signs", set it to videos and youtube, and just start watching all the videos.  Take lots of notes to remember the signs.  Open a new notepad file and put in it all the site addresses, you will want to find them later.  look for specific videos on every subject, alphabet, numbers, verbs, time, animals, etc.  Make sure you
    • I have a grandparent who was diagnosed deaf last year. I really want to stay in communication with him so am looking to learn ASL sign language. I'm not sure where to start I searched some different apps and found one called Pocket Sign but I don't have an iPhone. I see they have a website https://www.pocketsign.org has anyone ever used it? do you guys have any android/website ASL learning resources to recommend?
    • I'll have to try some of these
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