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new to sign language

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Hi i'm new to sign language, I'm learning for myself and to teach my daughter, As well as when I hopefully get my insurance license  I will be able to work with more clients because I am able to sign. I do have a few books and I am taking an online class. But it always help to have a friend to learn with as well. I would be happy to video chat. Prefer some one who is new to maybe a medium user. one who won't talk supper fast, lol.

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    • Hi! I like learning new things. This ASL became a reality in 2017 @ Canadian Hearing Society. I think my brain literally melted. There were many factors I didn't know include in ASL. I continue to practice on my own but I would like to try to communicate with others. I am not yet that confident using ASL but I hope in time (patience) I will get there. I am looking forward learning with you
    • Huge Bill Vicars YouTube fan!!! I am in my third term of ASL at a community college and would love to practice.
    • Hi I’m new to asl trying to find someone I can chat with to ask questions about Deaf culture. I’m hearing just starting asl. 
    • Hello everyone I’m Pat. I am severely hard of hearing. I started learning ASL about 1 1/2 years ago. I like music, poetry, theater, movies, baseball, and hanging outdoors. 
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