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    • First attempt: I scored 1(one!) Second attempt I scored 5 (five). Terrific percentage increase, I think!
    • I've just started a Lip Reading Course and my Tutor suggested this site. I'm practising Sign Language and it is SO HARD.
    • Hi All How do I know the order of words in a sentence, for example, Name you what?  rather than whats your name?  Trying to translate something into the right order, I have the individual signs but not sure on the order! 
    • Could someone show me or explain how you sign the country Jordan?
    • Hi guys I’m Naomi. New to BSL, I’m only 4 months in but I’m really enjoying it. I’ve got 101 this evening, 102 a few days before Christmas and 103 end of Jan. I volunteer at my local deaf club and youth club every week. Not only does it help so much with my signing but it’s great to get to know the deaf community as I hope to work with deaf and hard of hearing people in the future. Just wanted to say hello. 😊
    • Hi there. I have a deaf son but he dosnt use BSL. I also work in a school with hearing impaired unit. I have had the opportunity to learn level 2 at work, and passed. I feel so proud but since passing I don’t seem to be using it as much as I’d like... it seems difficult to find work in my local area working with deaf adults & using level 2 skills
    • Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Graham. I work as a Business Analyst on a Games which makes video games for kids. A big part of this is working to make products accessible to everyone regardless of impediment. Part of my work has led me to want to learn BSL and Makaton, as I want to be able to communicate effectively with as many people through my job as possible. I taught myself finger-spelling, and have learned basic signs through sessions at work. But, I've signed up for the online "Introduction to BSL" course.
    • Hello, everyone!

      I'm looking for someone to have conversation practice with via Skype ( once a week for something like 1 hour, if possible).

      I recently finished the Online course and now I need to expand my vocabulary and learn how to have an actual conversation.
      If you are interested, please contact me.

      Thank you in advance,
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