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  1. "You're a footprint in my sand" I love that line Lola, beautifully worded. The person the poem is about obviously means a lot to you. It's clear from the expression on your face as you sign. Reach out to them if you can. You never know, they may be missing you as much as you do them. Thank you for sharing. Mx
  2. I'm a complete newbie to BSL, so be nice to me! I want to learn BSL for a few reasons, firstly so I can have a skill that could help others if they are struggling to be understood, secondly, to just have new skills, and finally, and more importantly to myself, I'm a (as yet unpublished) author, with books for younger children as part of my repertoire, so I would love to be able to sign them for kids with hearing problems. Thanks for taking the time to read my blabberings. M.
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