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  1. Annoyingly it has just has to be finger spelled
  2. 1st sign - understand 2nd sign - @Sue W. you used this one....... 3rd sign - Forward
  3. It means Zone https://www.bslzone.co.uk/
  4. Hey No answer to your question here, I'm afraid, but could you tell me what Makaton is.... been wondering for a while now
  5. any feedback from someone that knows BSL grammar would be great
  6. Hey Kazza, You worked it out nice Lovely signing, like the song choice nice and slow to learn with. Great work, looking forward to the next one @Sue W. you will like this one
  7. oh that sucks, ummmm not sure about techie stuff..... Soz Anyone else?
  8. Hi Jackie, Nice signing
  9. There is a whole thread decided to BSL Song/poems ect on this forum already, check it out https://www.signlanguageforum.com/bsl/forum/9-songs-stories-poems-nursery-rhymes/
  10. Kazza go for it, Would love to see them!
  11. Just like the others, you can do it more then once
  12. Hey Sue, Off course, once again more SSE, "Title Face-facebook we were friends, good friends, now we don't talk anymore, but I still know your face, see your family, every year reminded of your birthday, bringing back memories, both good and bad. We don't talk anymore, but I still like you. your a footprint in my sand, I hope I'm a good footprint in yours. thank-you for watching, any comments type them out, say them sign them, I would love to hear, to listen, thank-you"
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