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  1. Hey Sue, You are correct, I have indeed used the wrong sign- I used the sign for Son/Boy instead of the sign for Brother (Brother is most defiantly two knuckles knocking together) Glad someone Is checking these haha Lola
  2. Hey, ex script consultant here, In terms of screenplays it all should be written in English with English grammar, including all of the "Spoken" lines. If you want the character to be authentic and genuine, give the part to a genuine deaf actor who will know the how to bring the words to life with their hands. I wish you all the luck in the world! and if you need and ex-script consultant on your team you know where to find me Lola
  3. https://www.signbsl.com/ is a great tool for looking up words. They also have an app for your phone. I have a similar story, I was working reception for my charity and a group of deaf people came to stay with us so during lock down I decided to learn BSL, I am finding maybe I more suited to SSE
  4. or you could say "I have two mothers" keeps thing simpler
  5. Yes 4 times. it is only repeated for the beat of the word- two syllables in mother and father if that makes sense?
  6. Hey Cally, BSL sentence structure is a tricky one, the best example online I can find is Mel on youtube. In terms of your sentence I would start "Uni of Plymouth why? Good course, great location" However, I am just learning myself anyone else have an idea??
  7. Hey Sharon, what song are you thinking of this time? When it comes to song I find they work best effectually with Sign Supported English. @Jeetus Maximus Sohpal could be a good guy to get in touch with. He did One love on this platform last at the start of the 1st lockdown. there is away to message him privately to on his profile page
  8. Hey Molly, Interesting question. My guess would be you just sign the same twice eg 'M' and 'M' or 'F' and 'F' ???? Any other ideas welcome
  9. they have a boxing one (eg throwing a punch) maybe spell kick before, or just do a very basic move from the sport with the lip pattern https://media.signbsl.com/videos/bsl/signstation/boxing.mp4 not 100% sure just an idea, if you do come up with an idea, or find an answer please share
  10. When it comes to forming BSL questions the question word goes at the end. you want what? we eat where? you go with who? you go when? How I think may be a little different but I am not sure..... If anyone knows please comment
  11. Hey Paul, sorry no one got back to you quicker, Welcome and Happy New Year https://www.signbsl.com/sign/welcome and https://www.signbsl.com/sign/happy https://www.signbsl.com/sign/new https://www.signbsl.com/sign/year and's are rarely signed and the BSL sentence makes scenes without it Hope the head injury is clearing up
  12. I found this youtube piece very helpful with the BSL grammer
  13. Hey, My first thought was planner and builder together to the idea across. but a little look at BSL Dictionary there also seems to be a sign dedicated to it I didn't know that https://www.signbsl.com/sign/architecture I like the girl in pink idea best- what do you think?
  14. Hey Steph, Head nodding/shaking is still a thing in BSl, but you could always combine it with a fist doing the same movements.
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