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  1. Hi AIP27, I think it would just be - Ready Go, Unless anyone else knows different.
  2. Hello BSL Friends, if anyone wants to join me and Sue W in the video chat room there more than welcome. We will be in the Chat room Saturday 20th at 11.00 Gary
  3. Good Evening Paul, This Is how I would do it... HAPPY CHRISTMAS ALL MY FREINDS. Gary
  4. Hi Sue, I’ll see you on Sunday Thank you Gary
  5. Hi All, I'm partway through completing the BSL course level 7 and would like some practice via the video chat room. I will be in there on Sunday 13th December @ 11.00 if anyone would like to join feel free or, if anyone has a time to suit please reply, the more the merroir.... Gary
  6. Hi Bethan and Emily, If possible I would also like to join the group to practice with. At the moment I'm on section 5 families. Gary
  7. Hello everyone, I'm at the early stages of BSL just moving onto section 5 families. Dose anyone want to practice using the video room, hopefully we could get a group going I'm sure we would all like to practice but like me wonder if I'm ready. Gary
  8. Good afternoon Sean and welcome to the course, have you just started the course or are you part way through Gary
  9. Hello everybody, My name is Gary and the reason I want to learn BSL is I work within the Northumbria Police organisation and communication plays a big part within my role. We have google translate for communication with people who do not understand English but embarrassingly struggle when it comes to the Deaf community. Thanks Gary
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