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  1. Good evening Can anyone teach me to sign "Wishing you all a Happy new year, and a Peaceful and Positive 2021" I have a head injury and would ask if you could also write what you are signing as i am new to signing. Thank you for your kindness. Paul
  2. Can you also write what everything says please as I am very very new and with a head injury, it does look good. Best wishes. Paul
  3. Good Evening I have just begun my BSL course and wanted to know if anyone could teach me "Happy Christmas to all my friends" and "Happy Christmas to all athletes and club members" please? I am disabled with a head injury so need to start asap as I need extra time to understand, I want to avoid fingerspelling where possible. Many Thanks. Paul
  4. Hi my name is Paul I am a War Veteran and new to BSL. I have a head injury with migraine pressure on my brain 24/7 and I live with PTSD and Depression all day every day and use a chair 95% of my time I do not allow any of these to define me. I have learning difficulties as a result of my head injury so reading and writing is a challenge, BSL is going to present a huge challenge of which I am prepared to take on. I have only been signing for 2.5 weeks and successfully passed assessments 1&2, now the real work begins which is already proving challenging. I wanted to take up signing to commun
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