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  1. Hello Vee, If you would like to practice sometime please let me know. Gary and I practice most weeks so let me know and I can send you zoom details. Sue
  2. Hello Deborah Welcome to the course. Did you by any chance to Fielding Schhol in Northfields? Sue
  3. Hello Elliencholas I would sign Pets you any?
  4. Hi Amy, I would just sign Brothers, sisters I none. From what I understand you put the topic/subject first. Hope this help. Anybody let me know if this is incorrect please. All learning together
  5. Can someone please tell me if this order of grammer is correct I am making cakes tomorrow in Bsl would read Tomorrow cakes I make My cat is sick, would I just say "cat sick" There are 500 pieces in my puzzle. bsl Puzzle 500 pieces.....would I also add "I have"
  6. Hi Beth, If you are looking for people to practice with there are at least two people meeting in the chatroom this Saturday at 11 o'clock. Always good to practice Maybe see you there
  7. Everyone welcome to practice signing with Gary and I on Saturday 20th March, 11 o'clock. You can see Gary's video in the practice zone
  8. Can anyone tell me the sign for SHROPSHIRE please?
  9. Evening gary, Not sure what lola means by @Sue w. you used this one......but your 2nd sign to me is How long chat soon sue
  10. Sorry about the two videos. Just so everyone knows. As soon as you put a title in the videos get posted before you actually submit it.
  11. Hi Lola, Thanks for your reply. What is the sign please where your ph flat palm slides between the sh index and middle finger facing forwards? Sue
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