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  1. +Sorry the above message should read....pulling it slowly across mouth to the RIGHT side not left.
  2. My grandson is mute and I always signed "non speaking". However someone told me the sign for mute is......holding a flat palm i facing inwards infront of mouth and pulling it slowly across mouth to the left side. Palm remainder open the whole time. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi Juliana......It starts off Hello BSL friends. Hope you like my poem. Lockdown soon be over, Everyone sing and dance. Meeting friends and family, Celebrations in the park. Sun brings hope and happiness. Tears have gone away. Good months in the future. Here time has passed ...Horray!!! Sadly since this poem was written we are still not out off the woods!!!!:) x Hope this helps
  4. Favourite is the thrumb not the index finger I first signed with. x
  5. Sue W.

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    Hi Kinchoosong, Not on this site. But look at Commanding Hands. Also many sites if you look on google. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi Kieran, Hows all the signing going? I have only just seen your Remark.uk sign club. Will try next tuesday
  7. Aberystwyth if famous for its university mainly ( i think)
  8. Hello Kieran, No 3 carpet My signing from the eye was SEE. EXCITING is the same sign for MANY.......I should have signed HOW MANY CORRECT was the other sign. It was not properly on camera which is why you only saw two thumbs sideways!! my fault
  9. Hope you got my earlier reply Kieran
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