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  1. Hi Lola, Can I just check. Is the sign for son also used for brother. The only sign for brother I know is both knuckles infront of body moving up and down? Thanks for help sue
  2. sorry Molly. Just seen all these answers. Please ignore mine. It was the sign for parents. Interesting question sue
  3. Can I ask where you live please? I haven't seen the sign before. Also what your job is? Thanks Sue
  4. Just wandered if you had a group set up to practice? Any more space, love to join Sue
  5. Hi Sadaqat, Only just seen your reply to me. I have finished level 2. Did one from course mix but wouldn't recommend it. I am only learning for mainly myself (not work or career) although do have a non verbal grandson so might come in useful in the future. Sue
  6. Many thanks for your help sue
  7. Hello Naomi,

    Wandered if you might like to practice sometime? I have finished level one and two and looking for people to practice with. I am learning the more you practice the easier it becames and more friends you meet. We can start at any level or subjects. Let me know if your interested ;)



  8. When you are signing the word for children. Does the amount of times you move your hand across body L - R indicate the number of children you are talking about?
  9. Hi Everyone, I have completed Level 1 and 2 and looking for a level 3. Ideally I would like one with videos but do no really want to spend a lot. Most courses are online at present but this would also suit me best in the future. Please can anyone recommend one. All the ones I have looked at seem to start with basics and all the topics already covered in 1 and 2. Is this normal on all bsl courses? Sue
  10. Hi Paul, I said "Hello Paul (fingerspelling Paul) followed by Happy Christmas all athletes and club members followed by Bye. Hope this is clearer. Sue
  11. Hello Anklefoot, I would sign "I need a break" by signing "break/rest I need"
  12. Hi Gary, Good, clear bit of signing. I am looking for people to practice with so hopefully can see you in the chat room on Sunday 11am . Sue
  13. Hi Rachael, Would love to be involved with a group to practice. Finished level 1 but unless i get practicing scared i will loose it!
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