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  1. Hi Kieran, Try typing into google local deaf club/cafe in your local area and see if any come up. I have tried local to me. Many places are still closed due to lock down. Best of luck
  2. Hi Kieran, Thanks for helping me. I didn't realise it mean't equivalent to shouting etc Thanks for the website, will look later. Maybe after lockdown there might be some cafe group and places open to help with learning BSL....lets hope so
  3. Hi Kieran, Me again, On this video you have the fingers pointing upwards but on the actually video you do them facing forwards? if forwards the sign is THINGS. If fingers upwards I do not know.
  4. Hello Kieran Hope this helps No. 1 is ALSO or SAME .....same sign but different words No 2 is THINGS No.3 is COLLEAGUE....some people also sign this as PARTNER No. 4 was difficult to see on the camera. Trying sending no.4 again and I will try and help.
  5. Hi Deb 111 I would probably sign...... Your mum well, question expression Or Hows Mum what? Not sure if these are correct. Hopefully someone with more experience will reply.
  6. Hello JoJo, The only help I can offer you is No. 2 Summer I love why? I think the fist circles the mouth (also seen this with a palm circing the mouth is the sign for WARM. Sue
  7. Hi Cath, Would Tuesday or Wednesday morning at 11am be convenient next week? or if you work I could do next Sunday 11am? I have had a brain tumour and left me with M.E. so mornings are best for me. Let me know what you think.? I am sure we can find a suitable time between us.Here is my email address [email protected] Easier to get message than through the forum. i can set up a zoom when we decide date and date.:) sue
  8. Hi Everyone, Please please can we respect eachothers time. If you make an arrangement to sign with someone and you cannot make it please try and let them know. I understand it is not always possible but it's like meeting a friend in the coffee shop and waiting and waiting and the other person just doesn't turn up. This week two people who make arrangements with me where no shows. Over the 8 months on here it has happened about 10 times!! One was very kind and contacted me. Thankyou, you know who you are. Respect eacthothers time please Happy signing everyone
  9. Just incase I forgot to say, I wont be on tonight Have fun everyone
  10. Thanks David, Thanks for postings these. Good for quick recap and some variations sue
  11. Hi Becky, Just checking if we are signing tomorrow at 11.30am? please let me know either way. Many thanks sue
  12. Hi claire, I can normally do sometimes over the weekends if you are still looking for practice Sue
  13. Waiting in chat room if anyone wants a quick practice
  14. Hi Aaron, I wou;ld love to practice sometime please. I am better earlier than later times as I had a brian tumour and now have M.E. so 4pm would suit me best. My computer always seems to freeze in the chatroom so I prefer to zoom. If you send me your email add. and let me know what day is best for you I can send you zoom details. Sue
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