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    Hi Kinchoosong, Not on this site. But look at Commanding Hands. Also many sites if you look on google. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi Kieran, Hows all the signing going? I have only just seen your Remark.uk sign club. Will try next tuesday
  3. Aberystwyth if famous for its university mainly ( i think)
  4. Hello Kieran, No 3 carpet My signing from the eye was SEE. EXCITING is the same sign for MANY.......I should have signed HOW MANY CORRECT was the other sign. It was not properly on camera which is why you only saw two thumbs sideways!! my fault
  5. Hope you got my earlier reply Kieran
  6. Hello Kieran Hope this helps No. 1 is ALSO or SAME .....same sign but different words No 2 is THINGS No.3 is COLLEAGUE....some people also sign this as PARTNER No. 4 was difficult to see on the camera. Trying sending no.4 again and I will try and help.
  7. Hi Deb 111 I would probably sign...... Your mum well, question expression Or Hows Mum what? Not sure if these are correct. Hopefully someone with more experience will reply.
  8. Hello JoJo, The only help I can offer you is No. 2 Summer I love why? I think the fist circles the mouth (also seen this with a palm circing the mouth is the sign for WARM. Sue
  9. Hi Cath, Would Tuesday or Wednesday morning at 11am be convenient next week? or if you work I could do next Sunday 11am? I have had a brain tumour and left me with M.E. so mornings are best for me. Let me know what you think.? I am sure we can find a suitable time between us.Here is my email address [email protected] Easier to get message than through the forum. i can set up a zoom when we decide date and date.:) sue
  10. Hi Everyone, Please please can we respect eachothers time. If you make an arrangement to sign with someone and you cannot make it please try and let them know. I understand it is not always possible but it's like meeting a friend in the coffee shop and waiting and waiting and the other person just doesn't turn up. This week two people who make arrangements with me where no shows. Over the 8 months on here it has happened about 10 times!! One was very kind and contacted me. Thankyou, you know who you are. Respect eacthothers time please Happy signing everyone
  11. Just incase I forgot to say, I wont be on tonight Have fun everyone
  12. Thanks David, Thanks for postings these. Good for quick recap and some variations sue
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