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  1. This sounds like a great idea! 13 hours ago I hadn't even started learning BSL, in the future though when I'm more competent I'd love to join if you keep it going
  2. My name's Aiden, I'm a young autistic man. I'm usually highly verbal - sometimes though I'm not able to speak and even when I am, I can find it very difficult to access spoken language in a timely manner. I have experience learning Mandarin and noticed that I'm very fast at learning it due to its more visual layout, and when I do lose speech I often find that I lose access to English before I lose access to Chinese. So I thought that learning BSL would be a good idea, as it will help to support my spoken language. Plus I wanted to try learning a new language anyway, and there's no language type more visual and kinetic than sign language! Nice to meet you all, and thank you in advance for looking after me
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