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  1. It is a multi-channel sign meaning 'give it a go'
  2. The first I agree with the post above. Something like:Two weeks ago weather what, snow. The second sentence I would swap to activity me (from I activity). I can't decide if I would also have something like: Activity me, what, weight training, every week, when, mon, we'd, fri As the other post says I would change to something like: Before/In the past, work, University lecturer, teach what, sound engineering, now Mum, two children. I'd possibly add in 'no work' or 'work, now, nothing' at the end, depending on the context. Hope this helps a little
  3. Does anyone know the sign for therapist? As in: occupational, physio, speech & language therapist...though if anyone knows one for counselling too I have never been able to find either?
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